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Riding By Torchlight, named for my wonderful, challenging OTTB, Torchlight, was my long running column at online equestrian magazine, Horses For Life. I am thrilled that Xenophon Press has decided to publish an anthology of Riding By Torchlight, which you can purchase here. I will, as time goes by, be adding content to the blog as I continue to muse about the equestrian journey, but for now, here is a little bit of what you may find in the Anthology itself....

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April 1, 2018

When most people told me to stay away from the horse I came to call Gusto, my then teacher Eddo Hoekstra told me to look in his eyes. What I saw was not the flickering rage, broken spirit or dead soul I had expected. Instead, I felt my presence acknowledged and met ful...

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Some Things Are Not For The Taming

April 1, 2018

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