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To be an equestrian in the classical sense is not just to be a rider. It is a position in life.
                  ~ Charles de Kunffy
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Torchlight Training
Home of Susannah West Cord's Journey
Classical Horsemanship

What is Classical Horsemanship?


 Classical Horsemanship is a distinctly european tradition, an equestrian philosophy developed over centuries by the horsemen and women of Europe, a blend of knowledge initially coming out of the cavalry and the royal schools of equitation, where it was considered an art form and a spiritual quest on the path of personal enlightenment. 


Classical Horsemanship begins and ends in Classical, also called True or Traditional, Dressage, but is not exclusively about Dressage. Like the masters upon whose shoulders I attempt to stand, I include jumping, cross country and hacks in my practice of the tradition to which I have devoted the better part of my life.


That said, and while I have dabbled in other disciplines across the board, my deep and abiding passion is for dressage in it's truest form - as a rehabilitative, restorative, physiotherapeutic discipline that at it's best can claim it's place, not only as an avenue for sport, but as an artform. All the while putting first and foremost, the Horse. His nature, his biomechanics, his spirit.




Classical Dressage


I believe dressage is for the sake of the horse, as opposed to dressage for the sake of dressage. It is in the application of time proven principles to  sometimes unusual subjects that we reach the core of real dressage.  To develop any horse and rider to be the best and most beautiful their abilities will allow. Making the ordinary horse, extraordinary.  It’s what I like to call - somewhat tongue in cheek - Organic Dressage.



Organic Dressage

Systematically developing the horse according to his inherent and inborn abilities

That said, sometimes it's nice to just go ride, challenge myself and be on horseback in some farflung and wondrous place. That's when it's time for...

The Offbeat Riding Safari
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